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Gameboy Rom Driver 2 Advance

The game play has a campaign, where you complete certain missions, like following someone to a certain spot. And a really good thing about the campaign is you can have up to 4 different files, so if your friend wants to play he can make his own so he doesn't screw you up! There is also the driving games mode, which has a bunch of games in it, anywhere from seeing who can survive the longest getting chased by cops, or you chasing someone! There is still the beloved free drive mode, which is self-explanatory; you just basically drive around as nice, or as bad as you want! There is also a multiplayer, which lets you and a friend hook up with the GBA link cable. I haven't had a chance to play this yet, as none of my friends have this game. But I am guessing everyone just drives around and tries to kill each other, which is always fun to do .

Overall, Driver 3 Advance is pretty much the same as Driver 2 Advance. Altough, there are a few minor problems that makes this game worst than the last one(that weren’t bad at all). Let’s do now a little comparsion, regarding 1) graphics, 2) playability and 3) fun factor, wich are, I believe, the three instances of wich a game is made of.
1) Graphics: In terms of graphical quality, Driver 3 is way better than Driver 2. The first one had this Doom-style, wich is out-dated even for GBA. Also, the game was pretty slow, and the fps was low. Cars were tiny and the 3rd person view of Tanner looked like it was being generated directly from your Atari 2600. Driver 3 has some of the best textures on 3D objects GBA can support. The textures are clean, colorful and crispy, and the fps is better than NFSU2, wich, in my opinion, has the best 3D graphics on GBA(The last one is not so good). Tanner now looks like a rendered 32-bit generation character. The only real problem with graphics is that the nearest polygon lines from player’s perspective have this distortion-movement like. It happens when the polygon line “brakes” and start looking almost like a curve. This is the same problems that used to happen with some first generation 32-bit games, mostly on early Sega Saturn games.

All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

0601 - Hanafuda Trump Mahjong Depachika Wayouchuu (J)
0602 - Egg Mania (U)
0602 - Driver 2 Advance (U)
0603 - Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (U)
0604 - Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (U)
0644 - Army Men - Turf Wars (U)
0605 - Smuggler's Run (U)
0606 - Duke Nukem Advance (E)
0607 - Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (E)
0611 - Driver 2 Advance (E)
0608 - Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (J)
0609 - Samurai Evolution - Oukoku Geist (J)
0610 - Sega Smash Pack (U)
0607 - Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (E)
0611 - Driver 2 Advance (E)
0612 - Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance (U)
0613 - The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (U)
0614 - Tennis Masters Series 2003 (E)
0615 - Spyro 2 - Season of Flame (U)
0616 - Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron (U)
0617 - Disney's Magical Quest - Starring Mickey & Minnie (E)
0618 - O Hana Okusan Ninarou! (J)
0619 - Card e-Reader (U)
0620 - Groove Adventure Rave - Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2
0621 - Hugo - The Evil Mirror (E)
0622 - Worms World Party (E)
0623 - Chobits (J)
0624 - Yoshi's Island - Super Mario Advance 3 (E)
0625 - Daisuki Teddy (J)
0626 - Scooby-Doo - The Motion Picture (F)
0627 - Frogger Advance - The Great Quest (E)
0628 - Gachasute! Dyna Device Blue (J)
0629 - Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de (J)
0630 - Butt Ugly Martians BKM Battles (U)
0631 - Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 1 Kawaii Hamster
0632 - Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 2 Kawaii Koinu (J)
0633 - Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 3 Kawaii Koneko Pokemon Ruby GBA rom
Rainbow Six GBA rom
GBA RPG rom Shining Soul 2 GBA rom
Spider-Man Manace GBA rom
SpongeBob SquarePants
Super Mario Advance 3 &4 GBA rom
Super Robot Taisen R GBA rom
Wario Land 4 GBA Wing Commander Prophecy
Yoshi's Island SMB3 GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Soul Yu-Gi-Oh
WorldWide Edition GBA rom

YuGiOh Duel Monsters GBA rom
Zelda Four Swords Link To The Past GBA rom
0634 - Medarot G - Kabuto Version (J)
0635 - Hime Kishi Monogatari - Princess Blue (J)
0636 - Guilty Gear X - Advance Edition (E)
0637 - Soccer Kid (U)
0638 - Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever (U)
0639 - Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku (E)
0640 - Ecks vs. Sever (E)
0641 - Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (U)
0642 - Invader (E)
0643 - Motoracer Advance (E)
0644 - Army Men - Turf Wars (U)
0645 - Metalgun Slinger (J)
0646 - AirForce Delta II (J)
0647 - Turbo Turtle Adventure (U)
0648 - The King of Fighters EX - Neo Blood (E)
0649 - Harobots - Robo Hero Battling (J)
0650 - Monster Force (E)

ROM - abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. Definition:

Read Only Memory. Memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power. Generically, these cover PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, etc., but often, it means specifically mask-programmed ROMs. These ROMs are very cheap, but they require huge quantities of identical chips, for the program is actually encoded in the masks which are used to fabricate the ROMs.

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