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Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (U)

This game puts you in control of one of the 6 players you can control in middle earth and lets you roam the world getting from area to area, killing orcs ofter orc and collecting artifacts and levelling up your character and using magic, its more fun than it sounds.

This game has some nice cutscene like movies, which are like 10 second snippets from the movie which is really pretty because its straight out of the movie but the gamplay graphics are mediocre but theyre good enough to look at, and the environments look quite good.

Your objective is to get all the artifacts and vary on what character you pick, also every character has his/her own abilities and moves. like frodo can use the ring, gandalf can use magic zaps and things and legolas has his bow and arrow and all sorts of crazyness which makes this game amazingly fun.

Its fun enough just walking around killing orcs just to get your level up and increase your health or strength and add to your magic strenghts which makes you invicnible afterwards. also whats nice in this game is how you can equip things onto your player, you find items lying around like clothes and helmets and you can make your player wear it and it really helps, its so rewarding when you find something rare. you will always think you have the best item possible for your limb when you find a better one, its such a nice feeling, it leaves this game open to play over and over again.

All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

0701 - Best Play Pro Yakyuu (J)
0702 - Nan no Umi no Odyssey (J)
0703 - Monster Farm Advance 2 (J)
0704 - DiGi Charat DigiCommunication (J)
0705 - Masters of the Universe - He-Man - Power of Grayskull (U)
0706 - Dungeons and Dragons - Eye of the Beholder (U)
0707 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (U)
0708 - Reign Of Fire (U)
0709 - Pocky & Rocky with Becky (U)
0710 - The Powerpuff Girls - Him and Seek (U)
0711 - Dexter's Laboratory - Chess Challenge (U)
0712 - Disney's Treasure Planet (U)
0713 - Crazy Chase (U)
0714 - Godzilla Domination (E)
0715 - The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
0716 - Davis Cup (U) GBA LORT Rom
0717 - The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (U)
0718 - Justice League - Injustice for All (U)
0719 - Wer wird Millionar (G)(Q)
0720 - The Fairly OddParents - Enter The Cleft (U)
0721 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (U)
0722 - Contra Advance - The Alien Wars EX (U)
0723 - Frogger's Adventures 2 - The Lost Wand (U)
0724 - Kawaii Pet Shop Monogatari 3 (J)
0725 - Smuggler's Run (E)
0726 - The Powerpuff Girls - Him and Seek (E)
0727 - Agassi Tennis Generation 2002 (E)
0721 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (U)
0728 - Zidane Football Generation 2002 (E)
0729 - Defender (U)
0730 - Star Wars - The New Droid Army (U)
0731 - Disney Sports Soccer (U)
0732 - Dan Doh!! Xi (J)
0733 - Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Prophecy (E)
0734 - The Mummy (E)
0735 - Contra Hard Spirits (J)
0736 - FIFA 2003 (U)
0737 - Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Children - Yami no Sho Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga GBA rom
NFS Porshe Unleashed GBA rom
Need For Speed Underground GBA rom
Pokemon GBA rom
Pokemon Ruby GBA rom
Rainbow Six GBA rom
Shining Soul 2 GBA rom
Spider-Man Manace GBA rom
SpongeBob SquarePants GBA rom
Super Mario Advance 3 &4 GBA rom
Super Robot Taisen R GBA rom
Wario Land 4 GBA rom
Wing Commander Prophecy GBA rom
Yoshi's Island SMB3 GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Soul GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh WorldWide Edition GBA rom
YuGiOh Duel Monsters GBA rom
0738 - One Piece - Nanatsu Shima no Daihihou (J)
0739 - The Pink Panther (E)
0740 - The Revenge of Shinobi (U)
0741 - Rocky (U) Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
0742 - Korokke Yume no Bunker Survival (J)
0743 - Hot Wheels - Velocity X (U)
0744 - Mary-Kate and Ashley - Sweet 16 (U)
0745 - Rugrats - I Gotta Go Party (U)
0746 - Hamster Gurakubu 3 (J)
0747 - Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (J)
0748 - Monster Rancher Advance 2 (U)
0749 - Island Xtreme Stunts (U)
0750 - Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension (U)

ROM - abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. Definition:

Read Only Memory. Memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power. Generically, these cover PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, etc., but often, it means specifically mask-programmed ROMs. These ROMs are very cheap, but they require huge quantities of identical chips, for the program is actually encoded in the masks which are used to fabricate the ROMs.

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Breath of Fire GBA rom
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Driver 2 Advance GBA rom
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LOTR Two Towers GBA rom
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Zelda Four Swords Link To The Past GBA rom

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