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Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga

Are you a fan of Mario? Do you like RPGs? If you do does Nintendo have a treat for you. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA is absolutely Brilliant! This game has a story line and voice acting that wil have you laughing your way through. That batte system is turn base and easy to pick up on. If you play enough and practice you can even dodge most attacks in the game and not even take much damage. Mario and Luigi use many neat abilities inside and outside of battle, that will keep you occupied. As any good RPG this game also offers some sidequests and fun mini games. Bean Bean Kingdom is new to mario games but you will enjoy exploing the place.

The graphics for this game, for a GBA title, are simply unbelieveable. The characters are smooth and no signs of blockitus is detected in either the characters or the environments. The game is colorful as always and knows when to change the scenery to accompany the mood of the area that you're entering. The game doesn't seem to let up on some of the visual effects as they as more and more beauty to the game.

The gameply turns out to be a Final Fantasy-like turned based style that allows you to choose 3 or 4 different commands, such as attack, Bros. attacks, item and run. Now these might seem like simple categories, but later in the game they break off into subcategories involving different moves that you can pick up along the way from some of the unique characters in the game.

All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

1251 - SSX 3 (U)
1252 - Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time (E)
1253 - Beyblade VForce - Ultimate Blader Jam (E)
1254 - Slime Morimori Dragon Quest - Shougeki no Shippo Dan
1255 - Minna no Mahjong (J)
1256 - Sanrio Puroland All Characters (J)
1257 - Zooo (J) Mario - Superstar Saga
1258 - Onimusha Tactics (U)
1259 - Justice League - Chronicles (U)
1260 - Cartoon Network Speedway (U)
1261 - Disney's Magical Quest 2
1254 - Starring Mickey & Mario Kart GBA rom
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga GBA rom
NFS Porshe Unleashed GBA rom
Need For Speed Underground GBA rom
Pokemon GBA rom
Pokemon Ruby GBA rom
Rainbow Six GBA rom
Shining Soul 2 GBA rom
Spider-Man Manace GBA rom
SpongeBob SquarePants GBA rom
Super Mario Advance 3 &4 GBA rom
1262 - Crash Nitro Kart (U)
1263 - Ultimate Beach Soccer (U)
1264 - The Hobbit (U)
1265 - Spirits and Spells (U)
1266 - Double Dragon Advance (U)
1267 - Sword of Mana (U)
1268 - Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (U)
1269 - Finding Nemo (E)
1270 - Spyro Adventures (E)
1271 - Looney Tunes - Back in Action (U)
1272 - Disney's Magical Quest 3 - Starring Mickey & Donald (J)
1273 - Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over (E)
1274 - Disney's Kim Possible - Revenge of Monkey Fist (E)
1275 - 007 - Everything or Nothing (U)
1276 - Medal of Honor - Infiltrator (U)
1277 - Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga (U)
1278 - Terminator 3 - Rise of The Machines (E)
1279 - Beyblade VForce - Ultimate Blader Jam (U)
1280 - Terminator 3 - Rise of The Machines (U)
1281 - CIMA The Enemy (U)
1282 - Star Wars - Flight of the Falcon (U)
1283 - Mario & Luigi RPG (J)
1284 - Star Wars - Flight of the Falcon (E)
1285 - Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup (J)
1286 - Sim City 2000 (E)
1287 - Mucha Lucha - Mascaritas of the Lost Code (U)
1288 - Dr. Seuss - Green Eggs and Ham (U)
1289 - American Idol (U)
1290 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (E)
1291 - Hot Wheels - World Race (U)
1292 - F-Zero - Falcon Densetsu (J)
1293 - Crash Nitro Kart (E)
1294 - SD Gundam G Generation Advance (J)
1295 - Hot Wheels - World Race (E)
1296 - Oddworld - Munch's Oddysee (G)
1297 - DBZ - Taiketsu Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (U)
1298 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (E)
1299 - Worms World Party (U)(Ongaku)
1300 - Dora the Explorer - Super Spies (U)

ROM - abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. Definition:

Read Only Memory. Memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power. Generically, these cover PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, etc., but often, it means specifically mask-programmed ROMs. These ROMs are very cheap, but they require huge quantities of identical chips, for the program is actually encoded in the masks which are used to fabricate the ROMs.

BayBlade GBA rom
Bomberman Max 2 Blue Red GBA rom
Bomberman Max 2 GBA rom
Breath of Fire 2 GBA rom
Breath of Fire GBA rom

Super Robot Taisen R GBA rom
Wario Land 4 GBA rom
Wing Commander Prophecy GBA rom
Yoshi's Island SMB3 GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Soul GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh WorldWide Edition GBA rom
YuGiOh Duel Monsters GBA rom
Zelda Four Swords Link To The Past GBA rom
Classic NES GBA rom
Digimon Battle GBA rom
Dragonball Z Goku 2 GBA rom
Driver 2 Advance GBA rom
Famicom Mimi GBA rom
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA rom
Fire Emblem GBA rom
GTA Grand Theft Auto GBA rom
LOTR Return Of The King GBA rom
LOTR Two Towers GBA rom

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