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Gameboy Advance Rom Pokemon Ruby

There are approximately 200 Pokémon waiting to be caught, and half of them have never been seen before. As with the original Pokémons Red and Blue, the new Pokémons Ruby and Sapphire are for the most part identical. The box covers are different, the title screens are different, each version has a handful of unique Pokémon that aren't available in the other version, and a few of the story details differ depending on the version. One version isn't better than the other, and since the two are basically the same, only the true Pokémon fanatic should even consider getting both--the idea is to convince a buddy of yours to get the opposite version, so you can trade Pokémon, battle with each other, and ultimately catch every last one of the critters, which you can't do with just one version of the game.

Pokémon may be best suited for kids, but Ruby and Sapphire are actually solid RPGs in their own right. Like in any RPG, much of your time playing Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire will be spent in combat. Your character never fights--your Pokémon do the dirty work for you. You can have up to six Pokémon with you at any time, though you can catch and store hundreds. A Pokémon has up to four different moves, and it will take turns dishing out damage with its opponent. Pokémon moves include melee attacks, elemental strikes, psychic powers, and much more, as well as various defensive abilities. Though the Pokémon themselves appear static in battle, you'll see the effects of their moves onscreen, adding somewhat of a more dynamic feel to the action. There's an interesting rock-paper-scissors-style system that determines how powerful certain Pokémon are against others. For example, fiery Pokémon can really put the hurt on ice Pokémon, and water Pokémon can douse fire Pokémon without trouble. Forming a well-balanced Pokémon fighting force is a big part of the fun of the game, and so is catching all the different types you'll encounter. You can capture wild Pokémon by trapping them in Pokéballs, but the trick is to weaken them first so they can't break free. There are approximately 200 different Pokémon in all, half of which are entirely new, and the new ones like Torchic, Mudkip, and Pelipper fit in well with the tried-and-true classics like Pikachu, Psyduck, and Koffing.

All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

0901 - Tom and Jerry - Infurnal Escape (U)
0902 - Megaman & Bass (U)
0903 - Sega Rally Championship (U)
0904 - Defender (E)
0905 - Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced (E)
0906 - Sonic Advance 2 (U)
0907 - Pokemon Ruby (U)
0908 - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel Monsters 8 (J)
0909 - Made in Wario (J)
0910 - James Bond 007 - Nightfire (U)
0911 - Bratz (U)
0912 - Muppets - On With The Show (U)
0913 - Disney's Piglet's Big Game (U)
0914 - The Lost Vikings (E)
0915 - Dr. Muto (E)
0916 - Sonic Advance 2 (E)
0917 - Samurai Jack - The Amulet of Time (U)
0918 - MLB SlugFest 20-04 (U)
0919 - One Piece - Mezase! King of Paris (J)
0920 - Daredevil (G)
0921 - Bruce Lee - Return of the Legend (E)
0922 - Animal Snap - Rescue Them 2 By 2 (E)
0922 - Animal Snap - Rescue Them 2 By 2 (E)
0923 - Ultimate Brain Games (U)
0924 - Sister Princess Re Pure (J)
0925 - Castleween Pokemon Ruby rom (E)
0926 - Superman - Countdown to Apokolips (U)
Need For Speed Underground GBA rom
Pokemon GBA rom
Pokemon Ruby GBA rom
Rainbow Six GBA rom
Shining Soul 2 GBA rom
Spider-Man Manace GBA rom
SpongeBob SquarePants GBA rom
Super Mario Advance 3 &4 GBA rom
Super Robot Taisen R GBA rom
Wario Land 4 GBA rom
Wing Commander Prophecy GBA rom
Yoshi's Island SMB3 GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Soul GBA rom
0927 - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (E)
0928 - Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama (J)
0929 - Inukko Club Fukumaru no Bouken (J)
0930 - Dragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart (J)
0931 - Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron (G)
0932 - Gremlins - Stripe vs. Gizmo (E)
0933 - Shin Megami Tensei ROM Pokemon Ruby (U)
0934 - Quiere ser Millonario (S)
0935 - Driver 2 Advance (U)
0936 - Ed, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers! (U)
0937 - Super Monkey Ball Jr. (E)
0938 - Santa Claus Saves the Earth (E)
0939 - Medabots - Rokusho Version (E)
0940 - Golden Sun 2 - The Lost Age (U)
0941 - Ninja Cop (E)(Advance-Power)
0942 - Disney Princess (U)
0943 - Bomberman Max 2 Blue (E)
0944 - Bomberman Max 2 Red (E)
0945 - Whistle Pokemon Ruby GBA (J)
0946 - Aozoora to Nakamatachi - Yume no Bouken (J)
0947 - Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak (U)
0948 - Crazy Taxi - Catch a Ride (U)
0949 - Daredevil (E)
0950 - Freestyle Scooter (E)

ROM - abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. Definition:

Read Only Memory. Memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power. Generically, these cover PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, etc., but often, it means specifically mask-programmed ROMs. These ROMs are very cheap, but they require huge quantities of identical chips, for the program is actually encoded in the masks which are used to fabricate the ROMs.

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Zelda Four Swords Link To The Past GBA rom

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NFS: Underground GBA ROM

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