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Gameboy Advance Roms Spider-Man Mysterio's Menacet

the game makes an addiction on the player but unfortunately this lasts short due to the short game play. the music is perfect and really suitable for the game. the ability to play with spider-man and venom makes the game better. the game keeps the level of action high, so it rarely gets boring. although it is a perfect game i must admit that its too easy and short for many gamers. graphics are simple and they succesfully create the game's atmosphere. but if spider-man and venom had more combos the game would have been better i think. if u are looking for a good game to play, this is a good choice.

The video game version of Spider-Man: The Movie ties loosely with the feature film. To avoid spoiling the movie's plot, Digital Eclipse and Activision have taken the basic elements of the script and formulated an original adventure that includes many of Spidey's comic book foes. It seems that someone has hired all of his enemies--Vulture, Kraven, Shocker, Scorpion, and Green Goblin--in an attempt to terrorize New York City. Across 12 huge levels, you'll assume the role of the red-and-blue webslinger as he uncovers the mastermind behind this deadly scheme.

Like most action games, Spider-Man: The Movie doesn't have much to offer after you've beaten it the first time. Bonus power-ups and a photo gallery are unlocked by collecting golden spiders and photo opportunities within the game, but they don't affect the overall outcome. This lack of bonus goodies makes the subtle lack of polish exhibited by the game's other aspects--namely controls and level designs--somewhat more significant.

All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

0101 - Medarot Navi - Kabuto Version (J)
0102 - Atlantis - The Lost Empire (U)
0102 - Atlantis - The Lost Empire (U)(Trained)
0103 - Jurassic Park III - Park Builder (E)
0104 - Tetris Worlds (U)
0105 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit (E)
0106 - Robot Ponkotto 2 - Ring Version (J)
0107 - Robot Ponkotto 2 - Cross Version (J)
0108 - NFL Blitz 2002 (U)
0109 - Gensou Suikoden Card Stories (J)
0110 - ESPN X-Games - Skateboarding (U)
0111 - Super Robot Taisen A (J)
0112 - Rocket Power - Dream Scheme (U)
0113 - Klonoa - Empire of Dreams (U)
0114 - Jurassic Park III - Park Builder (U)(-Q)
0115 - Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace (U)
0116 - Caesar's Palace Advance - Millennium Gold Edition (U)
0117 - Field of Nine Digital Edition 2001 (J)
0118 - Backtrack (U)
0119 - Morita Shogi Advance (J)
0120 - Rugrats - Castle Capers (U)
0121 - Power Rangers - Time Force (U)
0122 - Z.O.E. 2173 Testament (J)
0123 - Lady Sia (E)
0124 - High Heat - Major League Baseball 2002 (U)
0125 - X-Men - Reign of Apocalypse (U)
0126 - Dexter's Laboratory - Deesaster Strikes! (U)
0127 - MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael (U)
0128 - Final Fight One (U)
0129 - Nobunaga no Yabou (J)
0130 - Lego Bionicle (U)
0115 - Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace (U)
0131 - Lego Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge (U)
0132 - Kiki Kaikai Advance (J)
0133 - Snood (U)
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0134 - Sports Illustrated For Kids - Baseball (U)
0135 - Hatena Satena (J)
0136 - The Wild Thornberrys - Chimp Chase (U)
0137 - Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (U)
0138 - Sports Illustrated For Kids - Football (U)
0139 - Boxing Fever (U)
0140 - Gyakuten Saiban (J)
0141 - Lego Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge (E)
0142 - Lady Sia (U)
0143 - Minna de Puyo Puyo (J)
0144 - Steven Gerrard's Total Soccer 2002 (E)
0145 - Denki Blocks! (E)
0146 - Prehistorik Man (E)
0147 - Hello Kitty Collection Miracle (J)
0148 - European Super League (E)(Fett1)
0149 - Phalanx - The Enforce Fighter A-144 (J)
0150 - Nakayoshi Mahjan Kaburiichi (J)

ROM - abbreviation for Read-Only Memory. Definition:

Read Only Memory. Memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power. Generically, these cover PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, etc., but often, it means specifically mask-programmed ROMs. These ROMs are very cheap, but they require huge quantities of identical chips, for the program is actually encoded in the masks which are used to fabricate the ROMs.

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