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Wing Commander Prophecy

When Prophecy originally came out for the PC, it was packaged on four compact discs and had hundreds of minutes of full-motion video. Obviously, much of this presentation had to be altered in order to fit the game onto a GBA cartridge. The majority of the character-interaction sequences have been watered down into still-frame cinematics with text boxes. The cutscenes have been reworked into game-engine graphics or sequences of still images. Of course, Mark Hamill's cheesy performance as Commander Christopher Blair just isn't the same when reduced to a glamour photo and paragraphs of white text. Even so, the developers managed to convey the game's Hollywood-esque atmosphere rather well. All the original dialogue is present, and the sweeping camera perspectives used during the game-engine-rendered cinematics help portray the nephilim as a larger-than-life adversary. There are also new full-motion video intro and ending sequences that serve as stirring bookends to the single-player campaign.

Most of the game's 48 missions center on destroying as many enemy ships as possible without getting killed. You'll acquire a wide array of gun and missile weapons the further you progress, as well as an ever-growing cast of wingmen, but the hardest part is conserving the two or three levels of shields you have until the next opportunity to refuel arises. Although there are a fair number of pure escort and dogfight missions, the most common assignment involves surviving from one navigation checkpoint to the next until reaching a large transport or battleship, which you then have to destroy by knocking out multiple defensive systems.


All of these files are in rotation and will eventualy apear on our site as downloads

1101 - Wing Commander Prophecy (E)
1102 - Bokura no Taiyo (J)
1103 - Sonic Pinball Party (J)
1104 - Pokemon Rubino (I)
1105 - Pokemon Zaffiro (I)
1106 - Pokemon Rubin (G)
1107 - Onimusha Tactics (J)
1108 - Hamster Club 4 (J)
1109 - Pokemon Zafiro (S)
1110 - Pokemon Rubi (S)
1111 - Pokemon Saphir (F)
1112 - Dragon Drive (J)
1113 - Shining Soul II (J)
1114 - Pokemon Rubis (F)
1115 - Disney's Aladdin (J)
1116 - CT Special Forces 2 - Back to Hell (E)
1117 - Tales of Phantasia (J)
1118 - Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire (J)
1119 - Detective Conan (J)
1120 - Super Robot Taisen D (J)
1121 - Rockman EXE Battlechip GP (J)
1122 - Top Gear Rally SP (J)
1123 - Card e-Reader + (J)
1124 - Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Children
Wing Commander Prophecy GBA rom
Yoshi's Island SMB3 GBA rom
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh WorldWide Edition GBA rom
YuGiOh Duel Monsters
Zelda Four Swords Link To The Past
1125 - Expedition Der Stachelbeeren Zoff Im Zoo (G)
1126 - Shrek - Reekin' Havoc (U)
1127 - Cyberdrive Zoids (J)
1128 - Duel Masters Wing Commander Prophecy (J)
1129 - Genso Maden Saiyuki (J)
1130 - Wannyan Doubutsu Byouin (J)
1131 - Madden NFL 2004 (U)
1132 - Monster Truck Madness (U)
1133 - Digimon Battle Spirit (E)
1134 - Rock n' Roll Racing (E)(Dosenpfand)
1135 - Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire (U)
1136 - Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu (J)
1137 - Boboboubo Boubobo 2 (J)
1138 - Mortal Kombat - Tournament Edition (U)
1139 - Disney's Magical Quest 2 - Starring Mickey & Minnie (E)
1140 - Rescue Heroes - Billy Blazes (U)
1141 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (U)
1142 - Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (U)
1143 - Densetsu no Stafi 2 (J)
1144 - Get Backers - Dakkanoku Jagan Fuuin (J)
1145 - Freekstyle Wing Commander Prophecy (U)
1146 - Rocket Power - Zero Gravity Zone (U)
1147 - Power Rangers - Ninja Storm (U)
1148 - Starsky And Hutch (E)
1149 - Gem Smashers (U)
1150 - Denki Blocks (U)

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